The European Science of water therapy using Kneipp techniques including Baths, Hot Tub, and Aromatherapy Steam Sauna.

Private Hot Tub  

(by appointment only)

Relax in our 4-5 person Jacuzzi Tub or try Aqua Massage.

$10 per person (20 minutes) when you purchase another service.

$20 per person (30 minutes) without any other service.

$39 couples (30 minutes) without any other service..

The Hot Tub is available for groups & private parties at $69 per hour!

Aromatherapy : Use of essential oils to relax, detoxify or reenergize the body.

Private Aromatherapy Steam Sauna ( 20 minutes)   $10.00

This steam spa combines the ancient Egyptian art of applying essential oils and fragrances with the Roman science of the steam bath.  The deeply penetrating warmth and humidity of the chamber can increase circulation, relieve aches and pains, ease tension, and open your pores to cleanse and hydrate your skin.


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The European Science of Water Therapy

        These treatments are based on the Kneipp System of hydro (water) and herbal therapy.  They can include affusions (water hosing), brushing, showers, baths, water massage, ablutions (wet cloth washing), wraps, water/snow walking, aroma- therapy, packs, compresses, diet, exercise, and mode of life.  Our focus will be a better lifestyle pattern for you.  Kneippison is widely practiced in European Spas.

12 -15 sessions ( 2 - 2 1\2 hours each) $1200 - $1500

    * These sessions should take place 3-5 times per week.

    * E-mail for more information


Your body is dry brushed, bathed for 20 minutes, and relaxed with a beverage as you slowly unwind to the stress of life.

TYPES OF BATHS:  $39  (45 minutes)

Valerian Oil

Valerian oil baths ease stressed nerves and promote relaxation.  Like a gentle massage, valerian essential oil brings on restful sleep.  Skin and body are soothed and quieted.

Milk Whey

Milk Whey baths retain and replenish the skin's protective acid layer.  In Europe, this whey and essential oil bath is prescribed for healing and restoring dry, sensitive or damaged skin.  Milk Whey is naturally cleansing and moisturizing.  Skin feels hydrated, healthier, more radiant.

Fango Salicyl Mud

Fango Salicyl Mud  baths are the favorite European spa treatment for toning the skin and soothing the body.  Fango, pure volcanic ash, removes impurities, replaces minerals, and gently exfoliates.  Skin is smoother and softer, ready to absorb moisture and nutrients.  Heat from the fango promotes healing and relaxation, while pine needle extract stimulates circulation.  Salicyl aspirin powder relieves aches and pains making this the ultimate mud bath.

Dead Sea Mint Salts

Mint Sea Salt baths stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.   Pure Dead Sea salts are prized for their high concentration of minerals, seaweed, and algae.  Energizing mint extracts enhance the bath's healing, nourishing and detoxifying benefits.  Like a swim in the ocean, this treatment revitalizes tired skin and restores its natural glow.

European "Moor" Mud

"Moor" Mud baths relax muscles, aches and pains and stimulates circulation to detoxify and beautify the skin.  In Europe, herbal and organic "Moor" Mud baths are one of the leading methods for health care maintenance.  European "Moor" Mud can also help to relieve rheumatism and arthritis pain, prevent insomnia, and prevent PMS and menstrual cramps.  The beneficial effects have been experienced for centuries.


Hotel/Office/House calls $89 per hour

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